Racing To End Alzheimer's

The race against Alzheimer’s is a race we can win! Join Rickie Fowler, Legistics, the RS1 racing team and families across America as we drive that message home in 2017!

Legistics is an experienced on-site provider of practice support for law firms large and small. They recognize, respect and relish the fact that the requests our clients make can run the gamut from the routine to what others less versed in our business might consider the ridiculous. Their response is always the same: they’ve got you covered.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Both on and off the track, Nick Galante’s shining personality, resolve, and determination to succeed make him a distinctive and valuable asset to the racing industry. Whether he’s in the car, with the team studying the race strategy and data analysis, or meeting with his fans, Nick’s unique character stands out.

Nick has a proven track-record and a steadfast drive to learn and improve on his current skills. More time on the track means increasing advancement, and as an independent driver, sponsorship is crucial for Nick to race.

Sponsors receive many benefits and can include full track hospitality, driving opportunities, advertising (i.e. company logos on car, driver suit, helmet, etc.), specific target marketing and branding seen on national TV, news coverage, and more.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor for Nick Galante, please write to us in the contact form below.

​Please see links and photos for examples of how Nick’s sponsors are recognized, and how your company could benefit from sponsorship with Nick Galante Racing.